Monday, March 27, 2006


I'd Have So Much To Ask
J.B. Rowell

for Mabel Gertrude Sherlock

Great Aunt Mabel's
martini shaker
shaken to celebrate
making it through week
that beats hell out of
and into
silver shaker
with pedestal stand,
handle, and screw
top spout

I wish I could join her
for one now
in her condo with frothy
green decorating,
wigs on styrofoam
heads, jars of homemade
chocolate syrup with lumps,
stories of training
young, male
then being passed up,
small Mary Tyler Moore
kitchen and a view
of white sails still
on Lake Michigan

we'd sit blinking
as sun sets full
into picture windows
evening radio low
steamy novel waiting
frosty shaker


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