Saturday, March 18, 2006


When writers' block strikes - just say no and write. About anything. I have been feeling uninspired, but realized if you pay close enough attention, you'll find something to get the keyboard clicking again. In my case, my children's obsession with souvenir penny presses got me thinking, then writing. It ain't great, but at least I wrote something new!

Greatest Show

J.B. Rowell

don't even mind the smell:
something dirty
& elemental.
watch the copper-esque
zinc, flatten around
turn of silver barrel
curve behind glass

thought it was a waste
to pay 2 quarters
and 1 penny
to get that same penny
back branded,
heated thin

to watch machinery,
is to believe, to
put the squeeze
with gears set
for standing spectacle
come see
almost worthless
money become souvenir


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