Thursday, July 27, 2006


Ok, the puppy adopting is being put off until next summer. Our kids will be a year older; we'll have more time. I wish we could save all the dogs that need homes right now. Like Liam says - "bring them all home and have a big dog party."

Go to - it is overwhelmingly sad.

My husband is taking MH to the pet store this evening for a small turtle instead. She is a turtle "expert" - she researched them for a school project, and had an Eastern Box Turtle as a class pet.

This is more manageable for us right now. I am relieved. I am sad.


I submitted the following poem to Poets Against the War. Puts my dog adopting woes into some perspective.

bumper sticker: god is too big for one religion

I had trouble telling my daughter
about what happens to dogs
if they don't get adopted
at the kennel.

What do you think happens?

They grow up there.

I point out that there are
new unwanted puppies
and abandoned dogs
arriving every day.
There's just not enough room
so they put them down
to sleep.

Like Sleeping Beauty?

No baby, they don't get
kissed and live
ever after, they die.

This was too much for her.

Oh, the tears.

Oh, the still, pale belly
of reality.

Meanwhile, a girl is going down
into her safe room
for the fourth time today
to the familiar song
of sirens
because the god
she inherited
and the god across the border
don't get along.

But the safe room
is nothing like a womb.
She is raped and killed
her family dies too.



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