Thursday, December 15, 2005


Rae uncovered a poem in one of my previous posts . . . thanks!

How to Teach Poetry

for Rae

I prompt them: pretend you are
this gingko leaf on a trip
to the ground.
I can ask them
what it looks like - their answer
a fan of course.

Or I can tell them poetry
is hiding all over this garden,
and they are invited to seek.
Look closely until a door opens.

Look closely at not just the gingko,
but the way the pine needle twins
straddle branches, patterns of light
and shadow, the waxy shine
of the magnolia leaf.

A boy, who just can't stop talking
in our quiet space, talks to the gingkoes,
clusters them, fans his face,
declares one the king,
writes about ducks not seen.
He is poetry.


Blogger Rae Pater said...

cool. that's a lovely poem.
I think it would be good if you put the italics back in for 'quiet space' and 'pretend you are
this gingko leaf on a trip
to the ground.'

11:16 PM, December 15, 2005  
Blogger J.B. Rowell said...

Yes - I meant to do that - looks better now. Thanks again for finding the poem.

9:54 AM, December 16, 2005  

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