Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I'm glad I'm not the only mom who has had this experience:

The Fight

By Una Winterman ©2002

There is a thread,

very thin but filled with light,

that runs between

you and me.

It grew coiled in my

womb with you

and unraveled,

soft as your own downy hair

when I pushed you out.

Once, during a fight,

you screamed

and would not stop.

I held on until

I could do nothing but scream myself.

I pulled out my


and severed our thread.

Unwavering, I told your father,

“I’m leaving,”

and I crashed down the

sidewalk in my socks

truly believing

I would never come back.

I was amazed

at the freedom,

illicit and thrilling.

But what I did not see

when I cut our thread

was you,

brow worked into a furrow,

hurriedly tying on a new thread.

When I looked down

and saw the thread,

my anger and vengeance melted.

Suddenly I was just a

mother on a walk,

walking back home to you.

Appeared in Literary Mama in December '05


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