Tuesday, January 08, 2008



cupped in plastic with a handy
handle, babies ride perched on shopping carts
swing from the end of arms

clipped and buckled in for safety

other babies worn in pouches, slings, an ancient
wrap device like the latest earthy fashion accessory,
legs dangle, cheek rest on mama's


dangling Buddha

I find that wearing a baby is an excuse
to dance,

sway to the background music
as we shop the after-Christmas sales.

My baby doesn't need it, the dancing,
but I do it anyway as if it is for his sake.

Both hands free, my body freed
by the weight of this new person.

He 's strapped content to my torso
and turns to greet each face that smiles into his.

Belly to belly we navigate all the stuff
we don't need
or reach for.

~j.b. rowell

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Blogger reniebob said...

Julia - nice to see you back. :) Love the poems! I am back in the blogging world too...check me out! lots of news in B'ham. We should really talk.

9:21 AM, January 08, 2008  
Blogger J.B. Rowell said...

Hi Irene - nice to see you! The poems are a start at least . . . we've been homeschooling and then moved to Cali. Much has happened this past year so we def. should talk. :)

9:51 PM, January 08, 2008  
Blogger Irene Latham said...

I need a new email address for you. (no info comes up from blogger.) Wow and wow again! Big big changes in your life! Can't wait to hear more

2:09 PM, January 09, 2008  

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