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My dear friend from up north, my tatoo twin, is attuned with the planets and stars and our place in them. She sent me my horoscope and said it should be an exciting two months ahead. I'm never quite sure what I believe in this area. Could it be that the day we are born decides our personaility and destiny? I doubt it. But I don't doubt that the ebb and flow of the universe moves us and through us if we let it. Corny, eh? Once she talked me into having my Tarot cards read and I, of course, got a card with a man face first on the ground with a multitude of swords and knives in his back. She then proceeded to tell me that the card was actually a good sign and that things couldn't get any worse in my life. Good news indeed. Now that she is sending me glad tidings about my horoscope, I am a true believer, especially a horoscope with so many exclamation marks!!!

Your time is coming, dear Leo!

Next month, in June, you will see that so much
of what you have been working so hard to achieve
will come to fruition, much like a beautiful,
blooming hothouse flower. Keep plugging! In May
a number of portals will open for you and if you remain
agile, you will nimbly pass through them, one right after
another. You are so close to victory!

The coming month is a month like none other you've seen so
far this year, and June could prove even better. After
having come through a very difficult set of months in
February and March, what you need most is good news, and
that's exactly what's on the way! Your luck is about to
change, so stay optimistic!

Mars, the planet of action, will remain in a secretive
part of your chart all month, so for now, you'll need to
stay in a planning and strategizing pattern, while you
deftly move your chess pieces into place. Although the
outside world will assume that "nothing much" is happening
with you, just the opposite will be true! Let others
assume that, because your fledgling plans will still be
too fragile to risk sharing with others just yet. The last
thing you need now is inviting others to second-guess your
decisions. Keep your own counsel - you know what is best
for you, for this month your hunches will be right on

Mars will move into Leo on June 3 for a rare, seven-week
stay. It is during that coming period that this month's
planning stage will end and you will begin to outwardly
crystallize the talks, decisions, and new relationships
you began in May. The coming period will mark an exciting

I would like you to take special note of an incredibly
lucky period for you from May 4 - 7. During those
exceptional days, Jupiter (ruling gifts and luck), Uranus
(governing surprises), and Mars (the planet of actions and
energy) will work together to form a very tight
mathematical triangle from different parts of the sky.
This is VERY significant and is considered the best kind
of aspect possible! This particular aspect won't likely
repeat in just the same way in any of our lifetimes.
Expect to have exceptional cosmic help when it comes to
real estate, family, and money.

All month Mars will fill your twelfth house while this
planet tours Cancer, so it's clear you'll have help from
someone behind the scenes. The crazy thing is that you may
not even know that someone is working hard on your behalf.
You might find out later - or not! By the time Mars moves
into Leo in early June, you'll be able to cinch the job
and best the competition. Remember, to win you need to put
your hat in the ring in the first place.


Blogger Pris said...

Hey, can I be a Leo???:-)

3:56 PM, May 08, 2006  
Blogger J.B. Rowell said...

Let's all be Leos! Like St. Patrick's day when everyone's Irish.

7:14 AM, May 09, 2006  

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